Thursday, January 1, 2009

From the Junkyard

For those of you that are the mechanical sort, I thought I would put up some of those outside pictures so you can see the out side of the camper.
Hopefully this can give you the idea about what we had to go through to get it out of the junkyard, too. It took us two hours of just moving junk away from the camper to get it out.

The nettles were shoulder high on the left side. There was also a real junkyard dog, that I was afraid to go near, because you could see the fleas and ticks from 5 feet way! Poor thing! He was very friendly and didn't have a problem going inside the camper.

A curbside view. Someone had tried to break into the slat windows at one time, as the bottom slat is gone and the trim is bent up. The rivets weren't out at all! I guess the person trying to get in, wasn't aware of how had it was to get into the rivets.

There are a couple of dents on the rear. It looks like a tree or something was hit at one time. I guess that gives it character. At least we won't feel awful if we do something to it. Also, the two dents just above the bumper on either side apparently are normal if the bumper backs into something. The bumper buckles that rear aluminum in.

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