Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Biffy Before

So, I thought I would get some of the before pictures up so you can see all the details. My husband always wants to see all the details and mechanics of a "new" Airstream, but I enjoy looking at the layout and decorations! This is the most exciting part of our "new" Airstream - the biffy, so I will start here. The bathroom is in the rear with the shower & tub on the curbside. The toilet has a black water tank under that beautiful yellow linoleum stool.
Our shower head is permanent on the wall. There is a beautiful curved tub - which actually doesn't look very used. My husband is talking about painting it, but I think it's good!

There is a towel bar and sprayer by the toilet. There is also a small medicine cabinet above the toilet that is pretty far gone from a leak around the black water tank vent.

The vanity with a sink is on the back wall. My best friend loves the curtains - although I don't think they are original. They are shower curtain material. I may use that fringe on a new color of curtain.

The mirror has the white latch to move it when parked, but it attaches up to the wall to keep it steady down the road.
So there it is, it seems that we have a standard bathroom. Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that it came with blue shag rug on the floor!! I ripped that out first thing when we got home - it had a smell that was everlasting.

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  1. We like your new concept; separating the shopping blog from the Airstream blog. We're having a little trouble reading the light print on a dark background, though. I copied it to "Word" and switched to black on white to read it. Love the pictures!

    Uncle Bill and Aunt Mary