Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Ceiling Is In!

This turned out to be an entire family project. It was a lot easier to get the ceiling down than back up. We tried with just my son and I holding each end up while my husband put the rivets in, but we couldn't hold it up long enough to do it, so we put in ladders and boards to support the one side of the ceiling while we held up the other side. Then my husband was finally able to put the rivets in one side in the middle and work his way to the sides.

Then we worked our way around the ceiling, with me pushing around each of the holes, while my husband put the rivet in. we worked our way in small sections from the middle out.Finally, we got to the other side, which my daughter joined us for, and we tried to work all the kinks out of that last six inches of aluminum. It seemed for a while that we would have to take out a whole bunch of it and then redo it to get the kinks out. I suggested that we get all the rest of the rivets in on the ends and maybe it would work themselves out. Sure enough, you have to have almost all of the rivets in before it looks smooth again!

So, here it is done! Yeah! We won't be putting in the side panels until the floor is complete, that way we can get the floor attached to the frame.
You can see our youngest of 4 there, using the door. It suddenly is able to shut again. It actually has been difficult to shut since we brought it home! We use a cord on it usually! I guess we will be going on to the floor replacement! Payday will look very exciting this time around!

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