Friday, January 2, 2009

A Before View of the Middle Twin Beds

The next set of before pictures of the Airstream are from the Middle Twin beds area. This picture is the shelf & light that are at the head of the curbside bed. The lights all work on both battery (12 Volt) and electric. You can see some water damage though along the wall to the shelf, so we will need to replace this shelf.
This is another view of the curbside bed. Lovely blue curtains to match the blue shag carpet on the floor! The backing on the wall has foam behind it to keep the temperature outside away from the sleeper. There are shelves with sliding doors on both sides above the twin bunks, but we intend on putting fold up bunks there instead, so all four of our kids will have their own bed. We have yet to figure that out, but it is exciting to us all to have a place for everyone!

This is the curbside bed, same deal. We took measurements of the mattresses and are sending those in the garbage right away! They seem to be original, but have water damage and mold pretty bad!

There are closets on both sides between the bathroom and the bedroom. This is a picture of the original mirror in really good shape.

A view to the back - you can see the bathroom with the two side closets and then drawers under the beds. Most of the drawers are in great shape - just a few of the veneers will need to be replaced, because the carpet came so high up the drawers that the water sat on the bottom edge for some time.

This Airstream was in one of the mudslides and floods in the LaCrosse area a couple of years back, so it had water and mud inside about a foot deep, that we can tell. Fortunately, it dried out because it's out in the sun and not tightly shut up, but the damage has been done to many of the cupboards.

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  1. Dori & Dave,

    Looks like you have your work cut out for you! I'm shooting to have our '63 back together by April for the WDCU Cherry Blossom Rally... but I have much less to get done. Good luck with your July deadline.

    Steve, Kelly & Family