Saturday, January 24, 2009

We are now making progress!

When is it too cold to work outside on the Airstream? Certainly not -5 with a 30,000 BTU furnace to keep it cozy! My husband was determined to make progress towards getting the Ambassador on the road sooner rather than later today, so he worked with the help of the boys for about 5 hours.

We coated all the seams with rubberized undercoating the other day when it it got to be a whopping 20 degrees above zero! Here is a picture of the front curve all done. While doing the rear curve, my husband was able to push the dents out from the inside. They just popped out!
The front curve is out and ready to go back in with the new insulation.

Because it was impossible to get the insulation to stay on the ceiling all at the same time, we laid the insulation in place on the curve and then held it up to get it riveted back in place (this is where he needed the help of the two boys. They scurried back inside as soon as they had finished their duty!) Before putting it back together, the wiring and tv cable was all replaced.

Ta Da! It is back in with all new insulation and wiring! Because of the cold temperatures outside, we were able to check for leaks in the seams. The ice on the outside started to melt on the roof as the heater on the inside was so much warmer than outside, so water seeped through any holes. Hopefully, that will cure all the leaks and make it nice and cozy to stay in. Next, we will work on getting the ceiling back in place down the middle!! So stay tuned for more progress on the frozen tundra!

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