Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wally Wednesday #1!

The First Ever Wally Wednesday!
So, here it is, the first ever Wally Wednesday.  This will be an opportunity for everyone to share something from their blog about Airstreams, weather it's a tip, renovation, redo, decoration, or you name it!  This will be open from Wednesday through the following Tuesday.  I will work on getting sponsors, for this first week, I will be giving away this Ribbons Scrapbook kit, which includes stickers, a journalling box, and two matching photo mats along with an idea sheet.  It is being sponsored by my own business as an Independent Creative Memories Consultant.  Please check out my website here.

In order to qualify to win this scrapbook kit, you will need to leave a direct link to your Airstream ideas this week and mention and link back to my blog.  I will randomly pick a winner.  Good luck and I am looking forward to your ideas!

My Alumikin or Pumpnum!

I just had to post this on my Airstream blog.  I've been making a lot of fall decorations for the house and also redecorating some of my rooms (otherwise known as nesting, which seems to happen just before hiberntion in the Northern Climate.)  This is an Alumikin or Pumpnum, whichever you would like to call it!  Anyway, I think it's adorable and very much reminds me of our Airstreams out in the cold (it was 24 degrees last night!)  If you are interested in making this, check out this wonderful tutorial: here.  It cost me nothing to make, because I begged my husband to bring home some wire from work (don't ask me why he has stuff like this in his toolbox at work, but hey, it comes in handy every once in awhile! 

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I need your ideas!!

OK - so I have been doing a lot on my other blog with crafting and money saving tips, and have been having a blast sharing ideas about different crafts we are doing around the house each week. So, while showering this morning (this is when I do my best thinking and praying because it's the only thing I get to do alone, well ok, I guess I get to use the toilet too.), I came up with the idea to have a gathering each week of information about Airstreams. I know there are a ton of you doing redos, renovations, or just plain wandering commentaries about Airstreams, but I would love to have a weekly sharing of information and sort of bragging.

My thought is to have one day where you would post a link to your specific project, redo, or other Airstream related activity so everyone can see. You would then mention this blog with a link back, so when people read your blog, they would have a reference to this one too! Everyone would be sharing their ideas and be able to brag a little. I would be looking for sponsors to do a give-away each week to one lucky participant. (I already have a few ideas of my own for that already for a start)

So that leads me to this post - I need your ideas about what to name the group or day and what day would you like. I was thinking about Wednesdays and here are my name ideas:
  • Byam's Boasts
  • Caravan Collaborations
  • Restoration Rally
  • Redo Rally

Please comment with your ideas and votes!! I need your help.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Check out The Vap Episode #102!

Hey everyone - we made it on The VAP (Vintage Airstream Podcast - if you don't already know) Go to their website and download Episode #102 to hear our only claim to fame!! I can't wait to hear back from you all about what you think!

Oh - we apologize for not making the Wisconsin Unit Airstream Rally in Chippewa Falls this weekend - we are all pretty sick and don't want to share. We are so sad that we aren't able to get out this weekend! Thanks to people who go to work sick and spread their illnesses!