Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Resolution

Today we worked on our New Year's Resolution: to finish the renovation of the 1963 Ambassador this year (before the WBBCI International Rally in July)! Instead of us losing weight, the Airstream did. The first thing out, was the tub. My husband was unable to get it out because the drain was in there so tight and with his shoulder still healing, he couldn't do it.

As you can see, we had quite a conglomerate of nests under the tub, including carpenter ants and mice! The floor is pretty rotted out under it, so this will all have to go, which led to a very deep marital discussion of whether to replace the floor first, or fix all the leaks. We both won, because I wanted the leaks first, but my husband wanted to take all the inner skin off to fix it and redo all the electrical!

So here is the picture of the upper middle section of the ceiling. It is all in one piece - which I think will make it nice to put back. My husband was surprised that the mice had made nests all the way up to the ceiling, but I was was not surprised, as mice go everywhere! It looks like most of the insulation will need to replaced. This has opened up all the electrical for replacement, which makes my husband salivate. He plans on seal all of the seams before putting the ceiling back.

I stripped the bathroom vanity cabinet with one of the doors. It is very rewarding to find most of the cabinets salvageable, but they will need portions replaced with some TLC. My husband said that I only have the closets and the curbside cabinet left to strip and I will be done. Then we will have to get the sections either replaced or veneered and we will have that done.

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