Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Instamatic Refrigerator Works!

Our biggest fear was that the refrigerator would not work at all. We have some good news! It works. The refrigerator cooled to 26 degrees today! We've heard so many bad things about RV refrigerators, that we just were not look forward to spending over $1000 for one and then have it need to be replaced in a few years. My husband brought the refrigerator into the house (set it up on my kitchen table) and cleaned everything, took it all apart and put it together and voila! it works! Now, we hope to get at least a few years' use out of it before having that expense!
If anyone knows what to do about the racks inside the frig, please leave us a comment here. The coating on all the racks are peeling off just touching it. We are finding many places that are rusted. It would be nice to figure out a replacement or a re-coating if anyone has any ideas.


  1. There's a repair finish for dishwasher racks called "Guardcote Touch Up Paint" that's available in hardware stores. You might want to find out if it's available in quantity.

    One other thought is Janet's daughter-in-law, Carol, is the plant manager at a place that does powder-coating for manufactures. She's done a couple of small projects for Gary. I'm not sure how that would work out, but it's pretty durable stuff.

  2. Always nice when a wish comes true!

    The interior of the fridge should clean up nicely. As for the wire shelves, I would suggest having them blasted and powder coated.

    Keep at it, your progress is helping me to keep at it myself...thanks!


  3. You could have the racks powdercoated. They'll be like new! Shouldn't be very expensive, either.

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