Saturday, February 28, 2009

Six Feet Left To Go!

Ice Storms will not stop us from progress on our fleet! OK, so we get a little more creative with how long we stay in the Airstreams. Just a little taste of what our back yard looks like! Brr! The back end of the floor is finished. We just have one last section of floor, about 6 feet long to finish putting in. As my husband has been taking up the old floor, he has used a wire brush on the frame, primed, and then paint the frame. After painting, he used the construction adhesive and finally the elevator bolts to attach the floor.
My oldest son figured out that the leak in the back was coming from where the lights are, so now they know what to do to fix it. That may wait for a warmer day, as it was 12 degrees out today! With the windshield, it was below zero!

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