Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Welding the Frame & On to the floor!

First, we wanted to show you how well that back dent came out looking. It will show up when we start to buff, but it looks a lot better than when we got the Airstream.
Thanks to our friend Don, that loaned us the welder! You can see it pictured here. We had a few places that the frame had rusted and seemed weak, and then a few places where we added extra framing to make it stronger for the grey and black water tanks that we are adding.

You can see here what the frame looks like after it has been put back together and reinforced. This is the back, my husband also got the back piece of plywood down using the truck floor self-sinking screws along with construction glue to adhere the plywood. Only a few more sections and we will be onto bigger and better things, like getting the last of the sidewalls back in and then painting!
Unfortunately, we still have some leaks around the back window and in a few places. I have to say "I told you so" to my husband, because I didn't think that he should close up the seams until he had found the leaks and fix them around the windows. But he insisted that they would be fine. Well, marital bliss continues as well as chasing down leaks!

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