Monday, December 29, 2008

It Never Ends

At this point, I am convinced that my husband just likes to tear apart things. Every time he goes out to the 1963 Ambassador to work on it, he takes it further apart! At this rate, he will be still putting it together when we retire, which will be at least 25 years from now!! Our four-year-old will be extremely disappointed when he runs out of things to take apart, which I hope will be soon!
What started out to be an attempt at just removing the floor piece by piece and then a quick replacement has now turned into an entire gut, and then some in my opinion! First, the furniture came out to make the floor replacement easier, then the bathroom. Now, the insulation under the lower section of the skin needs to be checked. The trailer seems to have leaks – everywhere and mouse duty in the insulation, so the entire inner skin needs to be taken off to properly repair all the wires, leaks, and of course the insulation!
Needless to say, we don’t seem to have progress, but have regressed to the point of no return. At some point, I am convinced that my husband will be down to the bare bones, and can only start putting it back together from there. With a little help from Christmas presents of tools and Menard’s cards, we hope to be able to report soon of progression towards putting things back where they belong. We pray for continued heat waves in the Midwest of mid-30’s so that progress can continue!

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