Sunday, May 23, 2010

Washington - We Made It!

After 3 long days of traveling on the road, we were all ready to take a rest and be done with the towing in Washington!  We are staying at the beautiful Ike Kineswa State Park, where the sites are so over grown with the outdoors that we can't even tell that it is rainy, except to go to look out at the lake for rain drops.  An added bonus is that the campground has water, electrical and sewer on each site!  I love taking showers!

Our final day of driving brought us a few surprises - we overheated the brakes going over White Pass because of a rental truck tailing us coming down.  After a sit for awhile on the side of the road to let them cool down, we were again on our way.  Fortunately for the brakes, it was only 40 degrees there, so they cooled down quickly.

We have a forcast of 50's and rain for the week - wouldn't you know?  Our garden at home is forcasted to not get any rain - sorry to our faithful friends who are caring for it.  We aren't sure what we are up to today, but we will update you soon with some pictures...(when we figure out how to get them into my in-laws computer!)


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  2. Dori,

    Considering Dave was driving, and knows how to tow down hill, that concerns me. What gear were you driving in? How did he know the brakes overheated? How well do the trailer brakes work? I hate towing in the mountains. Glad to hear you made it safe and sound.

    How 'bout some photos?


  3. Uncle Bill and Aunt MaryMay 23, 2010 at 8:17 PM

    We just decided to Google the park, after not being able to locate it on the map. It turns out that there's no "e" in the name, but it came up anyway. A link to your blog was the second or third choice down from the official link. Glad you're having a good time. It sounds like a wonderful place.

    We're a bit concerned about those trailer brakes, too. Do you have a hand controller? Stay safe and have fun.

  4. Ok guys the brake in front the truck got a litte warm but the rotors were not glowing red yet. I was in second gear to help I had the trailer brakes set lite so not to over heat them truck brakes a lot cheaper and easier to find. The problem I found out on the way back up White pass was the decline was 12 miles long and 6 1/2 percent. All is well and we are home now.