Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wally Wednesday #1!

The First Ever Wally Wednesday!
So, here it is, the first ever Wally Wednesday.  This will be an opportunity for everyone to share something from their blog about Airstreams, weather it's a tip, renovation, redo, decoration, or you name it!  This will be open from Wednesday through the following Tuesday.  I will work on getting sponsors, for this first week, I will be giving away this Ribbons Scrapbook kit, which includes stickers, a journalling box, and two matching photo mats along with an idea sheet.  It is being sponsored by my own business as an Independent Creative Memories Consultant.  Please check out my website here.

In order to qualify to win this scrapbook kit, you will need to leave a direct link to your Airstream ideas this week and mention and link back to my blog.  I will randomly pick a winner.  Good luck and I am looking forward to your ideas!


  1. First and last Wally Wednesday?

    Uncle Bill and Aunt Mary

  2. I've been really bad at reading blogs lately, but I think you should keep going with the Wally Wednesday. It takes time for things to catch on, no? I think it will be fun (especially when I can actually participate)!