Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I need your ideas!!

OK - so I have been doing a lot on my other blog with crafting and money saving tips, and have been having a blast sharing ideas about different crafts we are doing around the house each week. So, while showering this morning (this is when I do my best thinking and praying because it's the only thing I get to do alone, well ok, I guess I get to use the toilet too.), I came up with the idea to have a gathering each week of information about Airstreams. I know there are a ton of you doing redos, renovations, or just plain wandering commentaries about Airstreams, but I would love to have a weekly sharing of information and sort of bragging.

My thought is to have one day where you would post a link to your specific project, redo, or other Airstream related activity so everyone can see. You would then mention this blog with a link back, so when people read your blog, they would have a reference to this one too! Everyone would be sharing their ideas and be able to brag a little. I would be looking for sponsors to do a give-away each week to one lucky participant. (I already have a few ideas of my own for that already for a start)

So that leads me to this post - I need your ideas about what to name the group or day and what day would you like. I was thinking about Wednesdays and here are my name ideas:
  • Byam's Boasts
  • Caravan Collaborations
  • Restoration Rally
  • Redo Rally

Please comment with your ideas and votes!! I need your help.


  1. Ooh! I would love to participate in something like this!

    What about Wally Wednesday? (You know, for good ol' Wally Byam.)

  2. That's a great one! Might be a winner!