Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Airstream Rally - Pipe, WI

We attended the Airstream Rally in Pipe, WI this weekend and had a wonderful time! I thought I would share a few photos of this last weekend. For those of you who have to take constant pictures of food, I included those, but for the rest of you who enjoy the friendship and scenes of our wonderful country, I also included those.
For the food minded - here was our potluck dinner on Saturday evening. This was only one table. We also brought our own meat to grill out with. This sure was a wonderful savings for a family and yummy too!
We went on a tour of one of the Windmills in the area. They are so huge and really make very little sound. Can you believe that at the best, they are 46% efficient? Last year, that was only one month that it actually hit that efficiency. Do you think we can come up with better efficiency for millions of dollars of our tax money?
This was a buddy and a kid rally, but it seemed that kids were rather large this weekend! Thankfully, we finally had scorching weather, so the water games were in full swing! The Ladies won the relay against the men (or shall I say boys), because they didn't play fair! Imagine that with water guns!
Another one for the foodie - we had omelets-in-a-bag, pancakes, toast, bagels, coffee, milk, juice, etc. for breakfast on Saturday morning. In fact, there were so many eggs left, that we had eggs and pancakes along with our donuts on Sunday morning. For the omelets, you put your eggs, veggies, and cheese in a Ziploc bag and drop it in boiling water to cook until fluffy. I have to tell you that with so many kids it is so wonderful to not have to think about what the next meal is! Thanks Don & Kay!

Here was the fabulous sunset over Lake Winnebago the first evening. My husband took this from the watch tower. (The dog and I were scared of the see-thru steps!) Columbia Park was the campground that we stayed at! It was right on the water's edge and had electricity and a free bunch of wood for the fire!


  1. Perhaps one day, we will camp together and you will find out how good camping with a foodie can be. I relish the day I can cook for you and take close up photos of the look on your face as you taste the love I add into everything I cook. I find it a great honor to cook for others. I find it a great pleasure to blow people away with the experience. Hopefully we will make this happen at CBR this spring.

  2. Looks like you had fun and learned something, too. Actually, that wind mill was doing pretty well. If it was 100% efficient, there would be no wind on the leeward side! Maximum is <60%. There's a good explanation at:
    Eggs in a bag? We'll have to try that.

    Uncle Bill and Aunt Mary

  3. Dori,
    I thought this was the kids rally? All I see are pictures of the adults playing while the kids sit and watch. LOL!

    Castle Rock looks nice!