Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Working Water Heater

This was hard to show in a picture, but there is a real flame going in the water heater, and better yet, nowhere else!  Everytime we used the water heater, it worked fine, except there were flames coming out of other places than the pilot.  We were having black stains up the outside of the Airstream.  After much searching, we could not come up with a new regulator for it, which Mr. Right was positive was the problem.  A search on the internet, came up with the idea to take the entire thing apart, clean it, and reassemble it to fix the problem. 

That's exactly what Mr. Right did, he took the water heater components apart, cleaned them and reassmebled them and Voila!  It works just fine with no extra flames!  The best thing, it was a free fix!  That's something that doesn't occur very often!


  1. I sure would not use any gas appliance that was burning incorrectly or has leaks. Could get a bang from it. Too dangerous!

  2. That is just awesome that you were able to get the old Bowen water heater working. Pretty amazing how long that has lasted. They look so much better than the modern replacements most of us are using.