Friday, March 19, 2010


I was doing some remembering where we have come from on our renovation project of the 1963 Ambassador and getting together a digital album of our progress, and thought that I would share with you what things looked like before we started.  The pictures that I will be sharing were taken over Labor Day weekend 2007, before we were able to purchase the Airstream.  We went out on a whim to where a friend had said she had seen it.  The owner of the vehicle was nowhere to be found, but the Ambassador was open, so we went in (it was on the side of the road in a junkyard) and checked it out.  We also took several pictures, so we could dream and wheel and deal on it.
This is a look from the front to the back bathroom.  Please note that some brilliant soul put in blue shag carpet.  The shag was so high that you couldn't open any of the bottom drawers under the bed!  Seems like a waste to me!Ok - I have to say that after going several years of camping without any toilet or tub, I was quite excited with the toilet area and took several pictures.  Yeah for us, the toilet worked!  Mr. Right keeps saying that he is going to replace it and put in a normal (if you can call it that) size camper toilet, so it is higher for him, and therefore more resembles the throne that he enjoys at home!  For my part, I'm afraid this adjustment, just may make me need a step stool to get on, or have my feet dangling!So I was so thrilled with the throne, I had to take a picture of the toilet paper, too!  God only knows how old that toilet paper is or where it's been!This is the louvered window by the door, where someone thought they could break in.  I would say they weren't all that successful, as they only got through one of the pieces of glass and the original rivets were still there!
And of course, the front goucho is still here!  Many of the older ones, don't have the goucho still in them, so we knew we had a decent find.  Please note the matching blue curtains that someone specially ordered for the Airstream from Sears.  A couple of the originals were in unopened packages on one of the shelves.

Hope you enjoy the before pictures.  I have many more to share, so please stay tuned.  You might want to "follow" to the right, so you don't miss anything!


  1. Uncle Bill and Aunt MaryMarch 20, 2010 at 6:46 PM

    You've come a long way with it. Now we hope it'll go a long way without any major problems! We also hope the weather cooperates; especially as you cross the mountains.

  2. have I mentioned how jealous I am of this find-we look for them...I guess its okay because I have to start my new job next year before we can think about getting one. :) All in good time.