Monday, January 18, 2010

Let the Vacation Planning Begin!

We have had a difficult time trying to plan our summer vacation this year.  For whatever reason, we just could not work out the dates for vacation this year.  We already have too many things planned, but after much indecision, a final decision has been made!  We are going to Washington State to visit my Brother-In- Law and Sister-In-Law!  This trip is long overdue, as every time we tried to figure out how to do it, we would come back to not having enough vacation to make it there and back and a visit, too!

Well, we took advantage of a built in holiday -  Memorial Day, which gives us a longer weekend.  We are actually able to go for 14 days with taking only 5 days off.  We really discussed not taking the Airstream with us to save on gas mileage and time (I know that was a sin!), but finally decided that for a family of 6 plus a dog, it is much more econmical to pay a little extra gas mileage, and not have to get hotels out and back.  Plus, we have more room to pack clothes and food in.  We found after a weekend in a hotel over Christmas, that we can barely get everything in for 2 days, let alone 14 days!

Needless to say, let the planning begin!  For some, it may seem a burden to plan out many of the details of a vacation as much as I do, but hey, I hate to worry about food and laundry while on vacation (and believe me, with 4 kids, there's a lot of both!)

Something we haven't done in the past though, is stay at State Parks or Wal-mart parking lots in the past.  Usually, when we have been on a long trip, we stayed safe by having reservations at RV parks at our destination.  Locally, we love the state and county parks, but when going across country, we felt more secure in trying something new and saving money along the way!  (We also had family to check out the best parks in Washington for us.)

So, with that in mind, we will be making some repairs adjustments to the Airstream in the near future to accomodate a long trip.  Some of the things that have to be done on our Honey Do list to the right are:
  1. Redo electrical
  2. Hook up battery power (again)
  3. Convert the goucho into bigger bed....(I pray!)
  4. Make Table
  5. Install Gas lines for heater
  6. Install Heater
Stay tuned to our trip updates in the near future!  We don't have long before our trip!

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