Monday, December 7, 2009

A Rivetting Experience

We had a wonderful opportunity this last Friday to experience a different rivet than we usually do in our Airstream!  We were able to participate as a family in the Young Eagles program and fly in a 1966  Cessna 172!  This program is developed to give kids the adventure of flight by offering free flights to youth over the age of 7.  We heard about the opportunity through our local homeschool group and jumped at the chance.  We were even more excited that the entire family got an opportunity to go up in the plane for a half hour experience.

We flew over the Tomah area with the plane.  The kids were to find Wal-mart and McDonalds.  Our 5 year old was obsessed to find them, while I was just trying not to lose my cookies!  The older kids got to take a round with the controls during the flight!
We really appreciated the year of this plane -1966 -  as you can see here, the inside was all original, including the heat - which doesn't do much against the 15 degree elements outside.  At least we were not in the wind (other than the plane taking the occasional bumpy ride through the wind!)   I truly appreciated the rivets and design of the plane, as I do in our beloved Airstreams!  We may have a new adventure, as the kids can take the classes to get their pilot's liscences through the airport!  It would be a shame to not take this opportunity!

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  1. What a great way for kids to get high!

    Mike had an opportunity through a program at ULM to take a week of introduction to flying, with the final day in the air actually flying the plane; except takeoff and landing. They flew over our area, but didn't have a camera. Mary was the one who took him and his buddy over every day and took videos of the takeoff and landing. He really enjoyed it, but wasn't able to follow up. Hope your kids can.
    Love, Uncle Bill and Aunt Mary