Sunday, April 12, 2009

More Weekend Work!

I got more furniture stripped today. It was beautiful outside, but very windy! By evening it was actually getting chilly. Here are two of the closets, some doors and the curtain rod for the doors in the hallways.
After a visit and warning from our local police department this morning, my husband decided that it was time to make the trailer look like it is drivable, at least from the outside. We got egged with quite a few others in the neighborhood, so the policeman let us know that our van was egged. And while he was here, he let us know that we weren't following the vehicle ordinances in town because it's not drivable, so if it wasn't movable in the next couple of weeks, he'd come back to give us a warning and we'd have a week to move it!
Well, that got my husband working on putting the tires back on, but he found that the rims aren't going to work. The tires are on for now, so we don't get into anymore trouble, but we'll have to get different rims, because they don't fit. My husband got all new lights put on the outside and the lisence plate holder on so they can't claim that it is a junk vehicle anymore. We'll see how that goes over... we may have to move it back to the back yard!

My husband actually used a buffer. He got two of the lights on before I realized that he wasn't cleaning underneath it first! Well, he was busted, so then he buffed off all the rust lines under the fixtures around the outside. Once he got going on the rust, he had to get them all. I just had to document it to the world that he does buff once in a while! (For those of you that didn't know, he doesn't have enough patience to get it done nicely, so I did the 1953. I'm not really liking the looks of this one!)

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