Thursday, July 1, 2010

Twin Strippers for Father's Day

I did it!  I got my husband a pair of strippers for Father's Day - 2 gallons of Remove-All 220 Stripper!  Mr. Airstream has wanted to strip the clear coat off from the start of our Ambassador project, but it just didn't rank up there for expenditures on the Airstream before this.  I thought this might be a great time to get the stripper for him.
Here's the Airstream before picture, with just a little area started with the stripper right above the back bumper.  The clear coat has been coming off in some places and is causing corrosion under the clear-coat.
Of course, once this project got started, Mr. Airstream decided that he needed a power sprayer, so had to go to the hardware store for a rental!  I have to admit, it did go much faster and easier using the sprayer.
Here she is...shiny!  Isn't she just beautiful?  I think the entire project took no more than 2 hours, but really makes a difference.  Not to bad for a couple of strippers, huh?

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