Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Return from WBBCI International Rally

What a line-up! All the vintage trailers in the Vintage Airstream Club met in Jefferson to parade into the Alliant Center together. Just a view from the rear view mirror makes you get tears, don't you think?
We have finally returned from the WBCCI International Rally in Madison. I thought I would share some of my favorite photos before I get back to all the renovations that we have been doing on our '63 Airstream. Above you can see us all lined up for the vintage parade into the grounds after caravanning in from Jefferson. It was quite exciting to be in the line-up.

There's Grandpa's Airstream all ready to go. Although we weren't the shiniest, we were most proud of it going in! We hope that both Grandpa and Uncle Bill were proud! We spent about 15 hours two weeks before doing another buffing. It's not completely buffed, but we wanted it to look nice! I didn't take any pictures of the '63, as I was driving it! I had no problem driving it out of the driveway for the very first time and over to Jefferson. Makes you feel like there really is Girl Power!
Here is a picture of some of the trailers lined up for the week in the Vintage section. Unfortunately, the Vintage trailers got separated and some of the trailers had to go on the black top. I think that if there were some better planning at the onset, they would not have let some of the non-vintage campers park on the grass, and put them on the blacktop.

Here is the Vintage parking in the grass. The 1963 made it on the grass, but the 1953 was on the blacktop. We were able to use the awning only on the grass because the posts need to be put in the ground. We thought we would be in for a scorcher, but ended up being really cold all week. Of course, it is now hot again, just in time to go back to work.
Just a note, I had a request for more details on the plumbing. I will be putting more details about all of the trailer updates that we did in the few weeks before leaving for International. I was just unable to keep up with all the updates and the work that we were frantically doing. Almost everything is complete on the inside to our liking at this point. We do have some tweaking to do before another long trip! Stay tuned for more updates soon!